With its high thermal insulating effect, its spring quality is said to be good for health and beautiful skin.


Try this famous salt spring known for its positive effect on health and making skin beautiful. The dissolved salts adhere to the skin and prevent the evaporation of sweat, accelerating blood circulation and providing a high thermal insulating effect. The open-air bath Soyokaze on the top floor, from which seasonal scenes are viewed, Keshikinoyu, the large common bath with a view of mountains, and new reserved baths built in 2017 are provided.

The special coffee is prepared when ordered and extracted carefully using paper filters.

The spacious large common bath is named Keshikinoyu (a bath with seasonal views). There is a sweeping view of Kaminoyama City from the large window.

1-23, Shinyu, Kaminoyama, Yamagata
TEL: 023-672-2222
Open throughout the year