European techniques are combined into good-old-days traditional kyoame candy.

Crochet Kyoto

A specialty store of new kyoame candy. Keeping the traditional method of combining sugar and thick malt syrup and boiling them down, European techniques are added to create colorful new sweets. The candies include Maillot jaune, Nadeshiko-temari, and Hana-asagi (540 yen each), but these are just a few of the sweets on offer. About 50 kinds of candies including seasonal limited items are always showcased at the store.

Maillot jaune is inspired by the color scheme of the leader jersey worn by the overall champion of the Tour-de-France, the world’s best bicycle race. Nadeshiko means dianthus flowers. Nadeshiko-temari was created to match the sensibility of the flower, which is sweet and delicate, but possess an inner fortitude. Hana-asagi is made based on the color of haori worn by the Shinsengumi, an Edo shogunate police force located in Kyoto.

Detailed descriptions are added to each candy by the staff. It is a special delight to taste the candies you like.

Crochet Kyoto
69, Shioyacho, Ayanokoji-tominokoji-higashi-iru, Shimgyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL: 075-744-0840
Open: 10:30 - 19:00
Closed: No scheduled holidays