A long line of people forms at the night market!
A noted tempura specialty store of Sakai.

Tempra Daikichi

Although it opens at 12 o’clock at night, a line of people forms before this tempura restaurant opens, even on weekdays. A casual style restaurant where you order by writing what you want to eat on a slip and handing it to a staff member. They provide freshly fried tempura after receiving the order. They serve at least 60 kinds of ingredients, which change every day. The combination of flavors with the tentsuyu dipping sauce and grated Japanese radish is delicious.

Assorted 7 items (1,000 yen). Popular items such as prawn, conger, and cheese rolled with pork are always included.

Asari-no-misoshiru (clam miso soup) (350 yen) is also popular. It is Daikichi’s style to throw the clam shells on the floor after eating their meat.

Jakomeshi (rice with child sardines) (300 yen) is recommended pairing to order with the tempura. Filled out grains of rice and sweet and salty sardines are an excellent match.

Piles of ingredients on the counter. They are fried just after they are ordered, so guests can eat them fresh and hot.

A long line of people forms before Daikichi opens. The restaurant is filled with customers until the morning.

Tempra Daikichi
2-4-28, Sakaebashi-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka
Within Sakai fish market
TEL: 072-233-8418
Open: 00:00 - 09:30 (- 23:00 on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)
Monday (midnight of Sunday)