The shop owners’

hand-made original goods are imbued with a love of nature.


A specialty store of outdoor goods run by Mr. and Mrs. Kikuchi, who deeply love the natural surroundings of Yamagata. Original gear and goods inspired by the rich natural features of the local land are popular. Bags and tarps made at the back of the shop are manufactured only after their designs have been tested in the field and have satisfied all requirements. Their good sense and design with a lot of utility make us want to use them not only outdoors but indoors. Outdoor events like canoeing in Mogami River and trekking mountains in the city are held regularly, where guests can drop by and participate freely.

From small sizes suitable for daily use to large sizes for carrying firewood, there are a wide range of sizes of original bags made of domestically produced canvas.

There are striped and solid types for sacoche bags useful for carrying small things when going out. The folding chair using the same fabric is also an original design.

There is a substantial lineup of outdoor goods such as water bottles and flags.

Handled cookers for all kinds of cooking, messtin (3,200 yen ~). The shop’s custom-design model with a colored top.

2-2-2, Iida, Yamagata
TEL: 023-623-9671
Open: 13:00 - 18:00
Closed on Wednesday and Thursday