A sweet potato confection with a robust but sweet taste

is put between fluffy pancakes.

A noted dorayaki pancake of a long-established Japanese-style confectionery established at the end of the Edo period. All kinds of creative dorayaki pancakes are showcased. They are also popular among people brought up in Yamagata. An especially popular product among all the creative dorayaki pancakes is the sweet potato dora (194 yen), a limited-time product only sold until March. Sliced Narutokintoki-brand sweet potatoes are kneaded in with fresh cream to create the robust flavor and gentle sweetness. It is a perfect match with the soft pancakes. You can take them out, or eat in the café space.

Set menu (518 yen) of dorayaki pancakes of the café. The picture is Mascarpone dora. The taste of sweet bean paste and mascarpone cheese fills your month.

The coffee is carefully brewed with pride at the counter. It is siphoned using select beans from Colombia, which have a refreshing acidity.

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