A much talked-about kiosk in a design hotel in Hakata.


A very selective shop whose concept is “the best kiosk in a hotel”. Featuring Daisuke Nakamuro from Muroffice as the producer, Taro Mizutani, photographer, as the creative directer, and Yuhi Ozaki as the buyer, the shop offers clothing and other goods collected from all over the world and from right in Fukuoka and Kyushu, making your travel experience “rich” and “comfortable”.

The interior of the shop is inspired by a kiosk outside of Japan. The shop’s neon sign is a graffiti font written by the owner of PLACERWORKSHOP, Mr. Uchida.

The shop is in a design hotel WITH THE STYLE FUKUOKA in Hakata. The shop name is from the hashtag “FROM WHERE I STAND”.

Shoppers can find a wide range of items collected from overseas, including handmade goods, which enrich travel in various ways.

JIN CUP (7,020 yen, 8,100 yen) created by shaving wood from a Machilus thunbergii (a tree in the laurel family) by Kagoshima-based Akihiro Woodwork. It displays gentle features unique to hand-carved items.

Menbei GoboTen Udon flavor
(648yen) A local specialty is Hakata’s popular food souvenir Menbei, flavored with GoboTen Udon.

Tilorian Mint flavor (1,080yen) An original flavor from Hakata’s popular sweet shop Tilorian. Fukuoka’s popular food souvenir Tilorian. This flavor is sold only at local shops, the same as with Menbei GoboTen Udon flavor.

Original pajamas (30,240yen) The same design as the pajamas used in the hotel, carefully designed and using select materials. Upgrade gift!

WITH THE STYLE FUKUOKA, 1-9-18, Hakataekiminami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
TEL: 092-433-1139
Open: 10:00〜24:00
Closed: Irregular holidays