Good designs from all over the world match with
the tasteful town house where the atmosphere of an archetypal image of Sakai still remains.


Vintage furniture and lighting fixtures collected mainly from Europe and the U.S., tableware from Japanese creators, and other select items are gathered in one place. Tetsuya Fujitani, the owner, has deep knowledge of overseas interior design, and visits Milano Salone, the biggest furniture exhibition in the world, almost every year. He introduces his pick of the best designs at his shop. The appearance of the over 130-year-old town house also adds a nice touch to the place. Simple and modern products look more beautiful when they are placed in a space where an archetypal image of Sakai still remains.

Relaxing sofas and lighting fixtures are displayed at the back of the shop. Tableware made by Etsuji Noguchi, a ceramist, and creators from Denmark are showcased at the front.

Products named “tumi-isi” made by a design label from Higashiyoshino, Nara. Blocks of cedar and cypress cut into polyhedrons. The shape of each piece is different. You can play with them by balancing one on another, and it becomes an object to decorate a space.

Carefully finished wooden tableware from Dansuku.

The wide range of owner Tetsuya Fujitani’s collection includes antique furniture that might be in a museum to tableware suitable for daily use. He suggests items to match each guest’s image from a variety of collections and articles.

1-1-13, Sakurano-cho-higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka
TEL: 090-3288-4657
Open: 13:00 - 19:00 (Open only on Sat., Sun, and national holidays. Appointment is needed on other days.)
No scheduled holidays