Enjoy the savory aroma of
hakozushi (sushi formed by pressing in a box) from Sakai loved by local people.


Anagohako (745 yen per length, the box is an optional extra charge) made by a take-away sushi specialty store founded in 1948. Roasted domestically-produced conger eels are covered with a thick sweet sauce. You can fully enjoy the aromatic taste of conger eel when you have a bite. The third-generation owner packs the sushi, and his wife passes them to the customers one after another. Such synchronized handling by the couple is also fun to see.

The kitchen can be viewed from outside. You can see artisans carefully making it, piece by piece.

The soft texture of Anago nigiri (conger eel sushi shaped by hand) (1,036 yen/ plate) is irresistible. It is also recommended to compare the difference with Anago hako (pressed sushi of conger eel).

1-1-22, Dejima-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka
TEL: 072-241-4593
Open: 09:30 - 18:00 (It may be closed when it is sold out.)
Tuesday, and there might be other irregularly closed days.