Iron pan gyoza (chiaotzu) of an old establishment loved for 50 years.

Hakata Gion Tetsunabe

A popular restaurant where people stand in line before it even opens. Bite-sized Hakata gyoza served on a hot iron plate is its specialty. Gyoza skins and filling are all handmade in the restaurant. The thin skin is light and crisp, and the sweetness of gravy and vegetables spread in your mouth. Tender simmered chicken wings are delicious and easily fall apart.

Hakata gyoza (8 pieces, 500 yen, photo shows three plates) From the crispy skin, gravy comes out when you bite it. The gyoza is served on an iron plate so even the last piece will remain nice and sizzling hot. Taste these along with homemade yuzu-kosyo using locally produced yuzu citrus.

A 3 minute walk from the Gion subway station on the Kuko line, identified by a red shop curtain the the restaurant name printed on it. It started from a food stand in Hakata, and moved to Gion after about 50 years of history. Some regular customers have come to the shop continuously for a few decades, and many celebrities love these gyoza. Not only Hakata gyoza but also the owner’s recommended small dishes (310 yen~) and the oden (120 yen, served only in winter) are popular.

Hakata Gion Tetsunabe
2-20, Gion-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
TEL: 092-291-0890
Open: 17:00〜23:00
Closed: Sunday and National holidays