Old tools and dry flowers, which compose a pretty picture
when they are artfully arranged.


An old school uniform shop on a shopping street that reminds us of the good old days was renovated by restructuring old material. The owner Daiki Tsuji, who is also a carpenter, selects retro sundry goods, and his partner, Yuko Fukuro makes arrangements of dry flowers, nuts, and leaves. Their articles, which are as artfully composed as paintings, are exhibited to give color to the space. You can find many one-of-a-kind items created with seasonal plants combined into a wreath or spray.

Bottled flowers (800 yen each) are dry flowers enclosed in glass tubes in their natural shapes, arranged just as the leaves and flowers grew from the ground. You can enjoy their beauty longer, since they are sealed.

Baskets with handles, small dishes, dry batteries, and wooden objects. Each item has a unique feel and texture. They blend in compatibly with the feeling of a space whether it is decorated in Japanese or Western style.

Back issues of magazines issued in the Showa period.

Wreath (4,800 yen) is crafted by Fukuro to demonstrate a balance of colors and other aspects. Seasonal plants are mixed in the design, such as eucalyptuses available throughout the year, mimosas in spring, Chinese tallow trees in autumn, and cedars in winter.

There are fans who come from distant places for the unique dry flowers created by Fukuro. Wreath making classes are held regularly. Try it if you are interested!

Sprays of dry flowers hung on the walls. They are also suitable as presents.

1-1-20, Ayano-cho-higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka
TEL: 072-248-5571
Open: 10:00 - 17:00 (11:00 - on Monday)
Monday to Friday (irregularly opened on Monday)