Beautiful scenery and sound of water are unified in the best location.

Homei forty-eight falls

At the upper stream of Hirose River, various shapes and sizes of falls appear, and each of them plays a unique sound of water, and heals the people who watch them. It is considered the beautiful sound of water from the falls resembles the song of the legendary phoenix bird, and it is called Homei (songs of phoenix) forty-eight falls. Falls flow among the trees, and there is Mt. Kamakura, which looks like an inverted pot, behind them. You will hold your breath with the formative art which unifies beautiful scenery and the sound of water.

Homei forty-eight falls
Aza-bomeki, Sakunami, Aoba-ku, Sendai
TEL:022-395-2052 (Sendai City Sakunami-teigichiku Tourist Information)
Open: You can enter freely.