A combination of mochi rice cakes and natto, fermented soybeans,

is a classic home-cooked food much loved in Yamagata.

Yamagatamocidokoro Mochinohoshinoya

Natto mochi (5 pieces, 480 yen) is made of freshly pounded mochi and domestically produced natto. As the owner Teruhiko Hoshino says, it is served to provide a prime example of traditional home cooking loved since long ago in Yamagata. Smooth mochi made from locally-grown Yamagata rice matches very well with the large soy beans used in the natto. The relish of grated radish cleans your palate. Although it is a simple dish, you can feel the excellent marriage of the two tastes the moment you eat.

It is an old shop established in 1933, and now it provides a stylish space after a renovation. You can enjoy mochi in a cozy space with high ceilings.

1-3-8, Hatagomachi, Yamagata
TEL: 023-622-2563
Open: 09:00 - 17:30 (L.O.)
Closed on Sunday