When you pass through the boardwalk among pine trees growing gregariously, a marshland dotted with large and small marshes appears.

Iroha Marsh

Change to Utopia Lift at Juhyo Kogen Station, and Kanshodaira is at the terminal station of Utopia Lift. More than 300 years-old pine trees gregariously grow around the boardwalk, and when you walk through it, you will find a marshland dotted with large and small marshes. Since boardwalks are prepared, you can easily walk among marshes.

Utopia Lift is in service only on weekends. You have to climb up a steep slope to Kanshodaira, but it is also fun since it becomes an extraordinary experience. Leisurely enjoy walking watching the greenery.

Once you arrive at Iroha Marsh, you’ll have an open wide view. You can also enjoy the contrast to the boardwalk surrounded by pine trees.

Iroha Marsh
TEL: 023-694-9518 (Zao Ropeway)