Jiraiya 地雷也

A legendary restaurant of charcoal-grilled local foods from Miyazaki’s sea and mountains. There is also a big list of sashimi. Local customers never miss ordering “Mouka no hoshi” whenever it is on the list. This is sashimi of shark’s heart from the sea of Kesennuma, which used to be popular among local fishermen and spread to the public about 20 years ago. Its flavor is rich but not fishy, very good with sake.

“Mouka no hoshi” (756 yen). Taste the richness in your mouth (but without a strong smell), dipping the fish in sesame oil with salt or soy sauce with ginger.

It has a long history of 50 years in Kokubun-cho, an area packed with famous restaurants. The owner selects only Miyagi’s local brands of sake. Don’t miss this restaurant if you want a truly authentic Miyagi’s gourmet experience.

2-1-15 B1F Inomata bldg., Kokubun-cho Aoba-ku, Sendai
TEL: 022-261-2164
Open: 17:00 - 23:30, - 22:30 (Sundays and National holidays)
Closed: Sundays (Open on a holiday, succeeded by a Monday closing)