An unexpected combination of a rice ball and kamaboko.

Nishiheijoguwa Kamabokoya

An old-time favorite “Bakudan onigiri” by the long-established kamaboko (steamed fish paste) store established 98 years ago. This specialty was born in Itoman, known as a fishermen’s town, and originally made for fishermen so that they could eat with one hand while working on boats. A rice ball inside a kamaboko ball has 3 kinds of filling: salmon, miso, or pickled ume. Since freshly fried kamaboko is brought to the store from a nearby factory, you can always eat it hot.

Stuff you mouth with “Bakudan onigiri” (150 yen/ piece) and taste the good combination of kamaboko and rice. Even after it gets cold, its simmered flavor is delicious.

This store is located within Itoman City Central Market where a variety of stores stand side-by-side. As the store opens at 5:00 in the morning, you can grab a snack while taking a walk before.

Nishiheijoguwa Kamabokoya
989-82, Azaitoman, Itomanshi, Okinawa
Open: 5:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Open throughout the year