A new form of a Japanese-style confection created through collaboration with a patissier.


The confectionery brand born from a collaboration between a patissier, Remi Fujita, and Kameyayoshinaga, a long-established store founded in 1803 and a much-talked about brand. Anmitsu, mitsumame is a sweet which arranges a traditional Japanese summer dessert into a cubic, bite-sized sweet especially loved by women. A set of uji-maccha, kuromitsu, and mitsumame-mikan flavors.

Anmitsu, mitsumame (9 pieces, 1,512 yen). The clear kanten gel appears refreshing.

The confectionary molds are displayed in the eat-in space. Other carefully created artisanal Japanese-style confections are also displayed in the showcase.

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