エム パントリー

Select shops serving food gathered mainly from the coastal area of Miyagi. They created an original rice cracker, Oysters and rice (freshly baked 240 yen/ piece, takeout 250 yen/ piece). The oysters and rice used are both produced in Miyagi Prefecture, and they are baked on-site in the high-temperature pressing machine in the shop. You can savor the crispy texture and taste of oysters at the same time. Suitable to eat while strolling through Matsushima.

Kotaro Suzuki, the owner. He selects delicious foods produced in Miyagi including traditional ingredients rooted in the area, items born from a new concept, and other things that catch his eye. All of these have been tasted by Mr. Suzuki, and only the items he found convincing are displayed in the store.

The crispy texture is made by baking them with a high-temperature pressing machine. Enjoy this taste you can get only in this area, in which oysters and rice from Miyagi are combined.

Shisomaki, a local cuisine of Miyagi, apple juice made by Uesugi Apple Farm, ajinori made with seaweed cultivated in Omagari Beach in Higashimatsushima City and which have been presented to the Imperial Family, and many other selections that will enrich daily dining.

M Pantry
10, Matushima-aza-senzui, Matsushima-machi, Miyagi-gun
Open: 09:30 - 18:00
Closed: Wednesday