In a comfortable space on the roadside, enjoy a cup of select blend coffee.


A solitary café standing on Route 348. It is a comfortable space renovated by Mr. Makino, the shop owner, himself. You can taste his specialty blend coffee and sweets made by his wife. The only coffee served is that blended by Mr. Makino according to his feeling and the atmosphere of the day. By blended from raw beans, which requires high skill, the characteristics of beans from different producing areas match splendidly. Helped by the space where time passes slowly, you can thoroughly taste the coffee.

The original blend City (500 yen) is made to cancel out sourness and provide both bitterness and sweetness simultaneously. The moderate sweetness of the Cheese cake (300 yen) is well matched with the coffee.

Mr. and Mrs. Makino, the owner. Hiromi Makino used to be a trading company employee, and work around the world. Mr. Makino loved coffee obsessively and honed his skills at a famous roaster, Wani Nakagawa, and later opened Mujinanomori Roasterie in Yamagata, the hometown of his wife.

The special coffee is prepared when ordered and extracted carefully using paper filters.

Cold brew coffee (600 yen) using fresh spring water from a river. Its clean taste is its prominent feature, and the cinnamon topping becomes the accent.

A space Mr. Makino created diligently by hand. Since its opening in 2009, “it is still evolving”, he says. He finds his favorite interior items and uses them to furnish his store.

1198-8, Mujinanomori, Kaminoyama, Yamagata
TEL: Not installed
Open: 11:00 - 18:00
Closed: Monday and the first Tuesday of each month