Sparked the local craze for Udon Izakaya.

Niwakaya Chosuke

Though Fukuoka is known for ramen, Udon Izakaya is now booming there. The menu, which fills up a whole wall, displays more than 80 kinds of food including Unzen ham cutlet and stewed beef tendon and various types of alcohol. The last dish to finish the meal is, of course, homemade and handmade udon (thick wheat noodles). If you like, toppings such as goboten are available.

Goboten (250 yen) is added on top of Japanese broth udon (550 yen). The homemade noodles using domestic (Itoshima) wheat are chewy! Enjoy with Fukuoka’s local sake. No price is shown because they want customers to order whatever they like without considering the price. They serve according to the customer’s budget and the number of people.

1 minute walk from the Seitetsu bus stop Shinkawacho. Niwakaya Chosuke, gaining momentum in business, has another two branches in Fukuoka, and opened a new shop in Nakameguro, Tokyo in November 2016. They open from 13:00 on Sat., Sun., and on National Holidays, so why don’t you have a drink and rest up from sightseeing?

Niwakaya Chosuke
3-7-1, Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
TEL: 092-526-6500
Open: 16:00〜1:00(L.O.12:00)、13:00〜(Sat., Sun., National holidays)
Closed: Tuesday