Tastes just as good as it looks! A bean-jam pancake arranged with fresh cream.


A Japanese-style confection whose name combines the name of a well-known confectionery oboro and zuiun, which means “auspicious cloud”. Its specialty is about 8 cm-high, the voluminous fresh cream dorayaki with plenty of cream inside. The mild bitterness of maccha arouses your appetite, and the gentle sweetness of ogura fills your mouth. Both are popular staples of the menu.

Fresh cream dorayaki (340 yen each) Because of low-fat fresh cream and modest sweetness, you can eat it easily.

A large-size mikasa is also a standard item. Its gentle and simple taste and springy texture stimulates our appetites.

Oboro is as popular as fresh cream dorayaki. Soft and smooth sweet red-bean paste is wrapped in fresh bracken-starch dumplings.

People line up for fresh cream dorayaki not only on weekends, but also during weekdays. Since it is sold out every day, you should wait in line before the store is open if you want to make sure to get it.

43-1, Shichikukamitakedonocho, Kita-ku, Kyoto
Open:9:00 - 19:00