A guest house which conveys
the traditional lifestyle of Sakai.


Stay at an inn opened in 2016, where you can experience ordinary Sakai residents’ lives. The two rooms inspired by the words of Sennorikyu, “Shichu-no-sankyo (a remote place in an urban area)”, are both quiet 6-tatami-mat spaces, where you can forget the noise of the city. Creators who were born and brought up in this town revived the culture they inherited from their ancestors. In the annexed café, you can eat a select breakfast made with locally produced vegetables.

Enter the room after passing through a narrow approach decorated with dried flowers.

The main building on the other side with a courtyard in between.

The detached building where relaxing chairs are placed.

An annexed café at the entrance. Menu items such as curry and rice are made using vegetables purchased from producers who grow their crops without pesticides and fertilizers.

Sakainoma-no-asage (breakfast of Sakainoma) (800 yen). There are two kinds of breakfast. This is served with a homemade bagel. The dressing is also homemade, which enhances the delicious taste of fresh vegetables. The coffee, roasted by Taizanji-coffee-baisenshitsu in Kobe, tastes refreshing with a gentle sourness.

1-1-23, Kumano-cho-nishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka
TEL: 072-275-7060
2 rooms, 10,800 yen~/ night, 2 persons/ room