Taste excellent sweets for tea in a town
where the culture of chanoyu (tea ceremony) was born.

Saryo Tsuboichiseichahonpo Sakaihonkan

Tsuboichiseichahonpo was established in Sakai in 1850. It moved after the war, but in order to bring back the only thing which survived the war, the store’s signboard, they opened a café in Sakai in 2013. A town house built in the Genroku era (1688 – 1704) with a beautiful backyard was renovated into a modern space which has a sense of spaciousness and calm. The sweets, made with an abundant amount of top-quality powdered green tea and roasted tea selected by a tea appraiser, are all excellent.

Half-size shaved ice & tea set (961 yen) The light shaved ice that gently melts is served with plenty of a secret sauce made with matcha from the first tea leaves of the season from Uji. The taste is robust but refreshing.

Specially selected green tea: Rikyu-no-uta set (1,198 yen). The parfait is refreshing roasted-tea jelly topped with kanten, rich matcha-flavor ice cream, and other treats. It is a mystery that you can eat it easily regardless of its large volume.

A roomy tea space where you can view the backyard.

Saryo Tsuboichiseichahonpo Sakaihonkan
Saryo Tsuboichiseichahonpo Sakaihonkan
1-1-2, Kuken-cho-higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka
TEL: 072-227-7809
Open: 11:00 - 17:30 L.O. (Product shop 10:30 -)
Closed on Tuesday (Open on national holidays)