Excellent sweets, such as a Japanese sponge cake and a parfait, can be enjoyed in an open and modern space.

Shokado Kashiten

A café with seats on the second floor with a fine view from which you can view the scenery of Matsushima Bay, including the Godaido Temple right in front of it. Only high-quality ingredients produced in Tohoku, including eggs from Shiroishi and honey from the Fujiwara bee yard in Iwate, are used for making the noted Japanese sponge cake. Its texture is very soft and smooth. An item as popular as the Japanese sponge cake is the Shokado parfait. Rich soft ice cream with toppings that include home-made bean jam using Miyagishirome, a high-grade variety of soy beans. A nice place to visit while strolling through Matsuhima.

Shokado parfait (1,050 yen). Home-made bean jam and apricot compote are added to the soft ice cream with the full creamy taste of fresh milk. Served after a sprinkling with soybean flour.

Shokado Japanese sponge cake set (670 yen). You can select a cup of coffee, hojicha (roasted tea), or milk as the drink of the set. The original blend is ordered from a roaster in Yamagata, Tohoku Bankokusha.

Japanese sponge cakes are finished by the expert handwork of craftsmen. Although they can’t be mass-produced, you can taste the fine flavor only found in hand-made products.

There is a sister store, a souvenir shop called Yukitakeya, on the 1st floor of the same building. Handiworks such as tenugui hand towels are offered to complement the local sweets. Check it out with Shokado Kashiten.

Shokado Kashiten
2F, 109, Matushima-aza-chonai, Matsushima-machi, Miyagi-gun
Open: 10:00 - 17:30
Closed: Tuesday