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Sorano Terrace

A complex whose theme is “food created by local farmers” stands in a panoramic rural landscape. The café serves sweets, pizzas made with rice flour and baked in a kiln, and a Japanese-style set meal of 3 side dishes, rice and soup. There’s also a wide choice of fruit jams made of homegrown fruit and fresh vegetables for sale at the pantry.

There is always a vegetable sommelier (a qualification given to people who have extensive knowledge of fruits and vegetables and can explain them to customers) at the café TONERIKO. You can taste seasonal local vegetables with flavorful rice.

Juicy locally-produced pork hamburger steak (1,000 yen) It’s a popular menu item with a limited number available per day, and you can eat as much rice as you like.

Fresh vegetables delivered from local farmers, rice grown by Sorano Terrace, delicatessen selections, and rice balls are all sold at this one pantry.

At the pantry of Sorano Terrace, there is also a direct sales depot for rice. Quality rice polished by a professional is sold by weight.

Deli items made using vegetables produced in Niigata and dumplings made of fine glutinous rice are also popular.

You can also enjoy eating freshly made rice balls and the taste of rice cooked on a traditional oven.

Jam (620 yen each) that makes lavish use of homegrown fruit. There are 3 kinds: fig, blueberry, and Echigohime, a famous brand of strawberry.

Sorano Terrace
1320-1, Shimoyama, Nishikanku, Niigata
TEL: 0256-88-4411 (Café 0256-78-7515)
Open: 9:00 - 19:00 (Café 10:00 - 16:00 L.O.)
Closed on Tuesday