Nigiri (sushi shaped by hand) of raw conger is a rare item, which is known only by a small number of people.


The shop owner, who had been trained at a popular sushi restaurant, returned his home Matsushima loaded with honors to open this restaurant in 2003. Notable among the many ingredients, nigiri of raw conger (400 yen/ piece), served since the restaurant first opened, is popular, but known to few people because of its rareness. Fresh congers from the Sanriku area are cut carefully to fully draw out the springy texture and the light taste. Served after a sprinkling of powdery Yukishio salt.

Hirooki Nishimura, the owner. Not only the toppings, but the rice is carefully selected, and Sasanishiki produced in Matsushima is used. The rice has a springy texture, so there is a satisfactory feeling when you eat, and it enhances the flavor and presence of each topping.

Since it has to be fresh and the quality of meat has to have a fine texture, only a small part of the congers produced in Sanriku can be used for the raw conger nigiri. Mr. Nishimura carefully cuts the congers he expertly selected from the market.

88-1, Matushima-aza-chonai, Matsushima-machi, Miyagi-gun
Open: 11:00 - 21:00
Closed: Wednesday