100 years of careful manufacturing of wine

in a kingdom of fruit, Yamagata.


The cultivation of grapes, fermenting of wine, and bottling are all conducted in-house. You can taste and buy wines including Domaine Takeda, which is made using grapes grown by natural farming methods from its own farm with the motto “Good wine is made from good grapes,” and Zao Star, which is made using fully ripened grapes from contracted farms, at the annexed shop. This wine made by their diligent efforts attracts not only wine lovers from all over the country, but also many sommeliers. It is interesting to observe the processes of making wine based on established techniques and experience.

The underground wine cellar keeps a constant temperature throughout the year. Prestigious brands are matured in casks.

From the left: Zao Star (1,296 yen), which boasts a balanced taste, Berry A Old Tree (3,780 yen), which is made from high-quality home-grown grapes taken from 70-year-old vines, Rouge matured in casks (2,268 yen), whose cask-matured aroma is excellent.

The soil of the farm where grapes are grown became suitable for viticulture after 20 years of soil improvement. The grapes grown by organic farming are fragrant. They will become the finest wine.

2-6-1, Yotsuya, Kaminoyama, Yamagata
TEL: 023-672-0040
Open: 10:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00 (Reservation is required for an observation tour.)
Open throughout the year (Open only on weekdays from December 1 to March 31)