A simple local snack of

simmered balls of konnyaku on skewers.

Tannokonnyaku Bansho

It is popularly known as “tamakon” by people in Yamagata. Tamakonnyaku (108 yen per skewer). The springy konnyaku is made with natural spring water sourced from 200m under the ground. It is boiled in a tasty soy sauce and served on skewers. It’s a casual street food, so it’s OK to eat while walking through the streets of Yamagata. It is eaten with mustard in Yamagata.

A restaurant and a shop are built side-by-side on spacious premises. There is a bamboo grove outside the window of the restaurant, where you can taste konnyaku dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Konnyaku kaiseki (1,050 yen~). All dishes which look like meat and fish are all made of konnyaku. You can enjoy various dishes created by artisans, and all of them are healthy. They are very popular among female customers.

Assortment of konnyaku, mizore, and fruit (702 yen). A jelly of konnyaku and La France pears is topped with seasonal fruit.

Konnyaku soft ice cream with black-soybean-like konnyaku topping (350 yen). Soft ice cream of moderate sweetness is arranged in a cup with some konnyaku made to look like black soybeans. Its gentle sweetness and konnyaku flavor create a fresh taste.

You can purchase tamakonnyaku in the spacious shop. Additionally, they sell original menu items of Tannokonnyaku and items provided in kaiseki.

Tannokonnyaku Bansho
1233-2, Narage, Kaminoyama, Yamagata
TEL: 023-674-2351
Open: 08:30 - 17:00
Closed: Tuesday (Open on a national holiday)