Feel the skilled woodworking techniques of craftsmen

who have inherited this tradition.

Tendo Mokko showroom, Head Office

This is the showroom and factory of Tendo Mokko, which makes not only high-quality plywood furniture that Japan boasts to the world, but also custom furniture pieces to fit every lifestyle. Butterfly Stool designed by Sori Yanagi, High Back Chair by Bruno Mathsson, Easy Chair by Kenzo Tange, and other many renowned designs are exhibited and sold. By making a reservation, you can tour the manufacturing floor to closely observe refined techniques of forming plywood by craftsmen of Tendo Mokko and listen to the staff explain the process.

The approach from the showroom to the factory. The near-future-like space whose walls are covered with Tendo Mokko’s plywood is exciting.

You can touch and sit on the furniture in the showroom so that you can test out their actual feel. The showroom is laid out in the image of a living space.

You can catch a glimpse of craftsmen’s handiworks from the plant’s aisle. You can observe the process from start to finish of creating a piece of furniture: from wood cutting, to assembly, to detailed shaving.

Tendo Mokko showroom, Head Office
1-3-10, Midaregawa, Tendo, Yamagata
TEL: 0120-01-3121
Open: 9:30 - 17:00 (Factory tour is offered until 16:00.)
Open throughout the year (Factory tour is provided only on weekdays.)