Get the standard daily goods rooted in the Tohoku Region.

Tohoku Standard Market

This store was opened in PARCO 2 Sendai in July 2016. Based on a concept of “bringing the handicrafts from the six prefectures of Tohoku into daily lives”, hand-made products, sundry goods, and groceries from makers in the Tohoku Region are showcased neatly in specially-made wooden boxes. The store’s original products developed with craftsmen and artists are outstanding. As expressed by the store name, the store delivers a new standard of Tohoku products.

The one in front is this store’s original card case made with Aomori’s traditional craft, Nanbu-Sakiori (textile woven using old cloth) (2,484 yen). It has been produced in collaboration with studio “Sumi” in Hachinohe city. The one in the back is a hand towel (1,080 yen) that is also unique to the store. Tohoku’s iconic symbols such as Akabeko are designed in an a popular and adorable style of pattern.

Sendai glasses (left: 2,916 yen, right: 4,104 yen). Minimally designed glasses of elegant simplicity with significant transparency. A slightly widened opening make for a smoother touch on the lips.

One of the three major horse toys in Japan, Yawatauma is Aomori’s traditional toy. This store’s original products are colorfully painted (7,020 yen each). In addition to their brilliant colors, the horses evoke stories of the rich local culture and spark delight for children.

Tohoku Standard Market
5F, PARCO 2, 3-7-5, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai
TEL: 022-797-8852
Open: 10:00 - 9:00 PM
Closed: Open throughout the year