A luxurious combination of freshly baked soufflé and wine.

WINE & SWEETS tsumons

A shop offering wines and sweets located in an alley off Nisseki Street. Gently sweet “freshly-baked tsumons suffle (1,350Yen)” baked by the female owner/pâtissier/sommelier goes perfectly with wine, enhancing each mouthful with a delicate chemistry.

“Freshly baked tsumons soufflé”(1,350 yen) and a glass of the wine of the day (from 1,000yen) It takes about 30 minutes to serve the freshly baked soufflé, please go when you have a plenty of time.

A house featuring an impressive gold facade. After nightfall, the shop’s lamp lights the back street, which creates a unique presence. It is recommended to check for vacancy before visiting.

Owner Yuki Kazuki, a pâtissier as well as a sommelier, manages the shop alone. Customers can ask for wine suggestions to match the day’s mood.

Sweets packaged to-go displayed in a showcase. They also sell bottles of wine. The combination of sweets and a bottle of wine will be a great gift.

The front of the shop is the showcase, and there is a one-piece walnut counter table inside. Customers can enjoy sweets and wine in the cozy bar-like atmosphere.

WINE & SWEETS tsumons
1-21-3, Takasago, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka TEL:092-791-8511 
Open: 18:00〜23:30
*Cover charge ¥500 (18:00〜)
Closed: Sunday