The recipe has been preserved since the establishment of the café.

Eating” a milkshake.


This café established in 1925 is said to be the oldest in Kyushu. The milkshake (680 yen) originated by this long-established café is made of condensed milk, whole eggs, sugar, and shaved ice, and made by shaking it by hand as it was when the café was first established. The ice is half-melted when it is served, and crunchy ice softly melts away in your mouth. A certain freshness is created by adding lemon juice to give it a delicate flavor.

You can enjoy the full effect of local Nagasaki delicacies in a regular coffeehouse with a historic Tsuruchanatmosphere. In addition to the milkshake, they also serve toruko rice and other local specialties.

2-47, Aburaya-machi, Nagasaki
TEL: 095-824-2679
Open: 09:00 - 22:00
Open throughout the year