Many kinds of simple Japanese-style confection that maximize the taste of each material are displayed.

Tsutsumiya Sakunami shop

Sakunami shop of the long-established Japanese-style confectionery, Tsutsumiya. The tastes of its specialties, Kushidango (sweet rice balls on a skewer) and Tsutsumiage (a fried bun with a bean-jam filling), both made of only natural material, are simple and tasty. There are 5 kinds of sweet rice balls: Zunda (sweet edamame paste), Walnut, Soy sauce, Sesame, and Bean jam. The crispy texture of Tsutsumiage is addictive. All items can be taken out, and there is an eat-in space to casually taste them.

The springy and soft texture of Kushidango (129 yen/skewer) is created by the unique recipe. The original bean-jam filling of Tsutsumiya is also excellent.

Tsutsumiage (95 yen/ piece) is made by putting in grains of walnut into the smooth sweet red-bean paste, wrapping the filling with dough made with egg, butter, milk, and flour, and frying in a high-quality oil. The textures of crispy dough and walnut are excellent.

Tsutsumiya Sakunami shop
32-7, Aza-ainosawa, Sakunami, Aoba-ku, Sendai
Open: 08:30 - 18:00
Closed: Open throughout the year