The aroma of cinnamon and bean jam spreads
after your mouth feels the fluffy texture.


Nikkimochi (cinnamon rice cake) (200 yen/ piece) is said to have been created when fragrant cinnamon, which used to be imported as a herbal medicine, was mixed with mochi rice cake when Sakai flourished by trade with Spain and Portugal 400 years ago. Homemade bean jam using azuki beans produced in Hokkaido is wrapped in soft and sweet gyuhi (delicate rice cake) kneaded with cinnamon.

Nikkimochi are sold in individual packages.

Takumi Okada, the 6th generation owner. He makes these excellent products with inherited traditional production methods.

Nikkiraku (cinnamon sponge cake) (972 yen) was created by the 6th generation owner to showcase the deliciousness of cinnamon. It is a new sweet using cinnamon in a kasutera (a type of sponge cake). The aroma of cinnamon comes after you feel the cake’s soft texture.

This is also a kasutera created by the 6th generation owner (972 yen). Fragrant premium-quality matcha from Uji is kneaded into the dough using domestically-produced flour and egg.

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