Not only the alpine plants blooming along the walking path, but also the grand view from the peak is splendid.

Zao Natural Botanical Garden

There is a statue of Zao Jizoson (guardian of all living things, especially children) close to Jizo Sancho Station. When it is in front of you, take the left-side route, and you’ll find the natural botanical garden. The length of the path is about 400m, so it is safe for trekking beginners. All kinds of alpine plants bloom along the waking path, and there is a grand panoramic view at the peak.

The Zao Jizoson statue, whose height is 2.34m, becomes a landmark. It was built by a barber shop, taking as long as 37 years, and completed in 1775. It was built for making wishes come true and warding off disasters.

Zao Natural Botanical Garden
TEL: 023-694-9518 (Zao Ropeway)