A woodworker based in Kagoshima. He is continuously expanding the area of his activity from manufacturing customized furniture, deploying original products, exhibiting installation works, and interior decoration for shops and houses.

What is your favorite place in Kagoshima where you’d want to show your friends around?

Senbonkusu camphor trees, which are several large camphor trees and a small shrine on the premises of Omunachi Jinja shrine in Higashimiyauchi, Fukiage-cho. I grew up in Nishimiyauchi when I was young, and I used to climb the trees. This is the reason why I make articles with camphor trees.

What is a “soul food” of Kagoshima for you?

Torisashi, sashimi (sliced raw meat) of chicken, is a cultural food found only in southern Kyushu. It is always served when we invite people over or when we go camping.The restaurant Takenawa in Tenmonkan is recommended.

Who is your favorite person from Kagoshima?

When I was a high school student, I realized it is difficult to become a man like Takamori Saigo, so I found Toshimichi Okubo, who was always drawn beside him. He is the person who makes me think that it is necessary to accumulate what I can do, bit by bit, to reach the goal.