She is from Tokyo. She moved to Kagoshima after she married and gave birth to a child. She opened CONCEPT STORE &GALLERY adu. in Meiwa, Kagoshima in 2017. As a gallery, she hosts exhibitions and workshops.

What is your favorite place in Kagoshima where you’d want to show your friends around?

When I visited for the first time, I was moved and surprised to find such a beautiful park in Japan! It is Kagoshima Kenko-no-mori Park. There is Kenmori (I don’t know why it is called that), where you can have a sweeping view of Sakurajima Island, at the end of the slope. The air and water are clean and refreshing.

What is a “soul food” of Kagoshima for you?

Mikaerudo is an old-fashioned bakery, where loaves of bread welcome us in a retro showcase. Fried bread and rolls remind me of a school lunch that I loved very much. I cannot resist eating them once in a while, maybe because they are an indelible image in my mind.

Who is your favorite person from Kagoshima?

Atsuhime, who left Kagoshima and went to Tokyo for marriage. She protected the Tokugawa family as a family member, and never returned home throughout her lifetime. I am a settler from the opposite side, but I like her more and more as I learn more about her strong will and courage.