A staff member of the design office FourGraphic. She is a director of a tableware brand BLUE CHIP, and deploys various products, including collaborative articles that use resources of her hometown Nagasaki.


Where is your favorite spot to stop by?

nila KAMAL, a Thai food restaurant which provides delicious dishes using fresh ingredients from Kyushu and home-grown seasonings. It is located on a hill and provides a nice view, so many people come to this restaurant from outside the prefecture and overseas. This is a place which relaxes both mind and body.


What is a soul food of Nagasaki for you?

Kaniya’s rice balls. They make them behind the counter of the restaurant which is open till midnight. I often go there after drinking. I feel relaxed when I eat rice balls with ingredients like sea urchin and jellyfish, salted mackerel, etc., which are typical dishes of Nagasaki.


What is your favorite place in Nagasaki where you’d want to show your friends around?

Driving around Hasami. At the pottery workshops, you can have tea and choose tableware while interacting with its maker. You may feel like using and cherishing them more with the memory of how they were made. The earthenware market held in spring and autumn is also recommended.