Illustrator living in Osaka. Among his works are art for “VOGUE JAPAN”, “Numero Tokyo”, T-shirt designs for famous brands and various album covers.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

“Giragira-chariya” is a combined bike and coffee shop in Minamihorie. You can enjoy tasty coffee and cool bicycles in the same place.

What is your “soul food” that evokes good memories for you?

Among the various things I have eaten, “Higekatsu” in Nishinari is the first Kushikatsu restaurant I got hooked on. I go there about once a week now.

What is a “must-see” spot for you in Osaka?

“WAXPEND RECORDS” is a used record shop which has outstandingly good selection, regardless of the genre. It is in Kitahorie.

How did you feel when you used the Canon EOS M10 to take these pictures?

It is fun that you can select your favorite color and customize the shot. Since you can immediately send data by wifi, it is convenient for posting on social networking sites and sending pictures to people.