The shop owner of MUJINAMORI ROASTERIE Born in Tokyo, and moved to Yamagata in 2009. He wakes up before the sun rises, and does yoga, then roasts coffee beans that he has blended according to the atmosphere of the day. He enjoys the countryside lifestyle by chopping wood and motorcycling in summer, and enjoying snowboarding and hot springs in the winter.


What is your favorite place in Yamagata where you’d want to show your friends around?

I can refresh at Yamabiko Village Kurort Course in the mountains in front of MUJINAMORI ROASTERIE, viewing wild grasses and flowers and touching spring water. It is also popular to wish for happiness by ringing a bell on the hill.


What is a “soul food” of Yamagata for you?

When I feel like I need power, I eat the Nikusoba and katsudon set (buckwheat noodles with meat and a bowl of rice topped with a fried pork cutlet) at Toiya in Kahoku-cho. I can’t help getting absorbed in munching handmade buckwheat noodles in cold chicken soup with crunchy chicken meat, and a cutlet with curry-flavored sauce.


Which sake do you think is the best in Yamagata?

I was taught by my elders that Uyo-otokoyama is also good for bringing as a gift to show gratitude. It is a familiar taste loved by local people. At a local meeting, we fill a pot with sake, and have a nice, casual drink together.