Dripping coffee every day as the master of “Traveling Coffee” in the staff room of the former Rissei Elementary School. He is also working as a food coordinator for celebrities visiting Kyoto from inside and outside of Japan.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

Yamatomi, where you can eat oden — a dish usually eaten in winter— throughout the year, is a restaurant in Ponto Street run by a noted proprietress. Maiko, geisha apprentices, are also regular customers. It also provides Yuka, an open-air terrace with seating beside the river, from May onwards.

What is your best recommendation for small gifts from Kyoto?

Chirimensansyo, dried and seasoned baby sardines, from Takimonoebisu, which has their main office in Kamishichiken. After training at the originator, the noted Harema, the owner established his own venture to update the taste of the long-established store while protecting its traditional flavor.

Where is your favorite place in Kyoto?

“Former Rissei Elementary School” beside the Takase River in Kiyamachi is a prime example of modernist architecture with a fancy arched entrance, a decorated balcony and other features left as it used to be. The scenery with the Takase River is beautiful throughout the year.