She is a true local Niigata person, who was born and brought up in Niigata. She runs Himemizuki, a gallery of tableware made by creators selected from Niigata and other places.


What is your favorite place in Niigata where you’d want to show your friends around?

The former Saito Family’s Villa is a vacation home of a wealthy merchant, which was one of the top 3 financial groups from the Meiji era to the early Showa era. There is a beautiful garden view from any room, and that has a gentle, healing effect on the viewer. I really like the view from the large room on the second floor.


What is “the taste of Niigata” for you?

Koji drink of Furumachikoujiseisakujo, a specialty store of amazake (a sweet drink made from fermented rice) is so sweet that I cannot believe that it was created naturally and is so easy to drink. Simple koji, brown rice koji, and seasonal amazake blended with peach, yuzu citrus, and other flavors are served.


Which do you think is the No.1 rice ball shop in Niigata?

Musubiyamomo’s rice balls are gently made using rice made with reduced amounts of agricultural chemicals by farmers from Niigata. The ingredients are also hand-made, so no chemical seasonings or artificial colorings are used. They are gentle on your body and delicious.