The site of “Sendai Castle” is a standard tourist spot, but it is a pleasing place with a view of the Hirose River running before your eyes and a sweeping view of the city all the way to the Pacific Ocean. In addition, there are facilities like a museum, an art museum, and a botanical garden of Tohoku University around it, so you can enjoy everything from nature to art.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

“Timeless Chocolate” in American Village in Chatancho, which is the only store where you can taste “Bean to Bar” chocolate. All the sweets in the store, including the addictive chocolate, are exquisite.

What is a “soul food” of Okinawa that you have good memories of?

The “Fried jimami tofu (tofu using peanuts)” of a traditional house tavern “Nanjaare” in Ginowan is so good! I always bring my friends when they come to Okinawa. Some of them say they want to come back to Okinawa just for this dish.

Which is your favorite secret beach?

There is a large slab of rock at a beach a little south from Manzamo. Its impressive scenery is overwhelming. It is my favorite spot where I can feel the magnificence of Okinawa, which is rocky in general and different from white sand beaches.