Born in Nagasaki in 1969. The owner of Nagasaki zakka Tatematsuru, which sells hand towels and bags with motifs of Nagasaki’s history, books related to Nagasaki, and other items like that.


Where is your favorite spot to stop by?

Nakanochaya tea house exhibits artwork of Kon Shimizu, who is famous for making drawings of kappas (water spirits) for Kizakura, a sake brewery. I really admire him as a cool adult. The comic “Kappa Tengoku” serialized in Weekly Asahi from 1953 on became a social phenomenon.


What is a soul food of Nagasaki for you?

The chawanmushi (egg custard hodgepodge) from Yossou, the shisu cream from Baigetsudo, the botamochi (rice cake) from Tsukimichaya, and the fruit sandwich from Café and Bar Umino. I ate curry and rice from rundoll recently. I have loved it since I was a junior high school student.


What is your favorite place in Nagasaki where you’d want to show your friends around?

There are temples of various sects in Teramachi. There is an old graveyard from the Edo period in the mountain behind them. Pierre Loti, the writer of “Okikusan”, wrote that it was the most moving, the most mysterious, and the most alluring hill in his diary from the Meiji Period.