Owner of “CAFE10”and “TAGIRI HOTEL DINING & SPA” in Kushima City. He got into surfing when he was 16, and now he is a father of 3 daughters who loves the sea, nature and organic life style.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

I often stop by “Ishinami Beach”, which is close to my house and hotel, also for checking out the waves. I feel calmed down whenever I view the sea from the extensive beach.

What is your “soul food” that evokes good memories for you?

“Rice with okra and grated yam”, which my neighborhood lady made when I moved to Kushima City. The first taste was special, and we often eat it at home, and my children also love it.

What is your favorite beach?

I traveled throughout Japan, and “Ishinami Beach” is the best one for me. White sand and clear turquoise blue water heal me, and I can also enjoy superfine rides. It is an essential place in my life!

How did you feel when you used the Canon EOS M10 to take these pictures?

It starts up quickly, is light-weight, and can be taken anywhere. And just as you’d expect, a single-lens reflex camera’s performance is good! The quality of pictures is different. Various color choices are also good for expressing yourself.