She runs a gallery, List:, in Dejima-machi. She is also a representative for Nagasakirinne, an event of culture, food, and crafts of Nagasaki, held in November every year. She is also in charge of PR for Sonogi brand tea since last year. She is a trueborn expert of Nagasaki.


Where is your favorite spot to stop by?

Coffee Fujio starts its morning menu from 9 am, a little late as a café. When my friends come to Nagasaki, I usually take them to the café and share egg sandwiches and fruit sandwiches. I also recommend travelers to take out freshly made sandwiches.


What is a soul food of Nagasaki for you?

Oden (various ingredients boiled in savory broth) from Momowaka. Their oden ingredients look nice floating in the chicken broth. Various kamaboko (fish pastes) are specialties of a seaside city like Nagasaki. Guests become friendly with each other very quickly here, so I feel healed by such friendly characteristics of the Nagasaki people.


What is your favorite place in Nagasaki where you’d want to show your friends around?

From Nagasaki Seaside Park, there are views of houses built along slopes, a person enjoying kite-flying, ships entering the port, the beautiful sunset, and Oura Catholic Church in Minamiyamate. This is a place where I can feel the peaceful daily life of Nagasaki.