A designer of “TATAMIZE”, an apparel brand based in Sendai. Working also as a member of the executive committee of a joint exhibition “entwine”, which mainly collects brands from the Tohoku Region.

Where is your favorite spot to stop by after work and so forth?

“Nombiri-sakaba Nicole”, a tavern in Ohmachi, Aoba-ku. You can’t taste the food and drink you get here anywhere else. Not only do they use ingredients from the local area but carefully select them based on how they are produced. I just stop by from time to time, and leisurely spend my time.

What is a “soul food” of Miyagi that you’re proud of?

“Sendai Makoron” are faintly-sweet, simple cookies with a gentle peanut flavor which makes you feel like taking another bite. I used to live next to the Makoron factory, so I feel familiar with it. They are sweets loved by local people.

What is your favorite place in Miyagi where you’d want to show your friends around?

Speaking of Naruko, you can’t miss the hot springs. In the “Naruko hot springs village”, there are 9 out of 11 types of hot spring known in Japan. Another attraction is that you can touch traditional handicrafts of Miyagi such as Kokeshi wooden dolls and lacquerware.