Enjoy a magnificent view of blooming cherry blossoms
While hiking on a mountain with a flower guide.

The renowned photographer, Shotaro Akiyama, praised it to as a “Shangri-La in Fukushima”.Hanamiyama Park is a noted place for viewing flowers in Fukushima.In April, not only do several species of cherry blossoms bloom all over the mountain,other flowers like forsythia, Japanese quince, Japanese cornel, and magnolia come into flower at the same time.A volunteer guide from Fukushima flower guides, who show guests around Hanaumiyama Park,led us to find the best viewing spots to take pictures and where to go in Fukushima, including the best shops and restaurants.

We are Fukushima flower guides.We are stationed at Hanamiyama Parkto show you around.

A beautiful contrast created by charlock and cherry blossoms.

A colorful cut of blooming flowers. The contrast between yellow charlock blossoms and pink cherry blossoms is beautiful. A splendid view of the many kinds of flowers that you can only see in Hanamiyama Park

The tunnel of cherry blossoms, which entirely covers the sky overhead, is a must-see.

Steep yourself in a romantic atmosphere. The magnificent cherry blossom tunnel is also one of the best places here.Taking pictures with a camera looking up at the flowers is a way to take a great shot.

Take pictures of the one-of-a-kind scenery where mountains, an urban area, and cherry blossoms spread.

Azuma Mountain Range in the far away distance and the urban area of Fukushima City are seen in a sweeping view from the top of Hanamiyama Park. The flowers on the slopes of the mountains are also beautiful. The scenery of the mountains and the city,which is as good as the cherry blossoms on the slopes,is also a good spot for taking pictures.

Hanamiyama Park
Watari, Fukushima
TEL: 024-531-6428 (Fukushima City Tourist Information Center)
Open: Free entrance
Fee: Free

A building with a tasteful and grand appearance built with beautiful hiba wood.

The oldest communal bath in Iizaka Onsen, which is easily accessed from the city. The bath tub is made of granite to reconstruct a bath from the Meiji era. In addition to Sabakoyu, the area is dotted with various communal baths and footbaths. Walk down the streets in the nostalgic town and stop by at a bath to heal the day’s fatigue.

32, Yuzawa, Iizaka-machi, Fukushima
Open:6:00 - 22:00
Closed on Monday

Snow walls, which are called “Snow corridors”, appear in the spring. It is a special experience to drive between the lofty snow walls.

A wall of snow called a “snow corridor” appears on the Bandai-Azuma Skyline in spring. It is an extraordinary experience to drive between snow walls. The best season for this is at the beginning of April, which is the same time as when the cherry blossoms bloom. Why not visit it along with Hanamiyama Park?

Bandaiazuma skyline
TEL:024-531-6428 (Fukushima City Tourist Information Center)
Closed from mid-November to early April

Enban gyoza, gyoza placed in a circle, is a noted gourmet food of Fukushima. The skin is also hand-made. They are pan-fried and juicy on the inside.

Enban gyoza, gyoza placed in a circle, is a noted gourmet food of Fukushima. At this restaurant, popular among local people, the dumpling skins are hand-made and they are pan-fried to make them juicy. The crispy texture stimulates your appetite.

China Boku-Den
4-27, Okitama-cho, Fukushima
Open:11:30 - 14:00 (L.O.), 17:30 - 21:30 (L.O.)
Closed on Saturday (lunch time), Sunday, and National holiday (Open 12:00 - 21:30 (L.O.) on Saturday from March 31 to April 28.)

Fukushima Kotsu is convenient for

access from Sendai Airport to Hanamiyama Park.

It is convenient to use the express bus from Sendai Airport to Fukushima, which arrives there directly without any other means of transit necessary. To go to Hanamiyama Park from Fukushima Station, a special bus, Hanamiyama-go, is in service every 30 minutes, every day, from Sunday, April 1 to Sunday, April 22. An economical ticket combo of the express bus and the Hanami-go bus is also available.

Express bus: Aizu Bus

Hanamiyama-go bus: Fukushima Transportation, Inc.

A fixed-price taxi, which goes to the base of

Mt. Hanamiyama, is also convenient.

Reasonable fixed-price taxis between Fukushima station and Hanamiyama Park are also in service. 1,550 yen from the east exit of the station, and 1,750 yen from the west exit of the station (a taxi, one way). They are in service from Saturday, March 24 to Sunday, May 6. Please tell the driver “To Hayamiyama, at a fixed price (or Teigaku in Japanese)”.

Fukushima area hired car and taxi cooperative association