Trekking in Zao in summer surrounded by the deep forest green of Mother Nature

Zao is an area where people gather for skiing and snowboarding during the winter. In summer, it becomes an optimal spot for trekking surrounded by green mountain forest. Take the Zao Ropeway to the station near the mountaintop, and enjoy trekking in the mountains, which even beginners can experience casually. It is about 15 °C even in August around the peak. It is not just an attractive summer resort. Another attraction of Zao is barbecue in a lodge surrounded by nature.

This is a doorway to Zao trekking, during which you can enjoy a wide panoramic view of forest green to your heart’s content.

Use Zao Ropeway if you are heading toward the peak. Take Sanroku Line from Zao Sanroku Station, get off at Juhyo-Kogen Station, change to Sancho Line, and get off at Zao Sancho Station. Then, you are already near the peak. The gondola wobbling, and provides a comfortable ride. You can enjoy a 360° wide panoramic view from the seat.

Zao Ropeway
229-3, Zaoonsen, Yamagata
Open: 8:30 - 17:00 (Sanroku Station), 8:45 - 16:45 (Sancho Station)
Closed: Open throughout the year (Temporarily closed due to inclement weather)

Not only the alpine plants blooming along the walking path, but also the grand view from the peak is splendid.

There is a statue of Zao Jizoson (guardian of all living things, especially children) close to Jizo Sancho Station. When it is in front of you, take the left-side route, and you’ll find the natural botanical garden. The length of the path is about 400m, so it is safe for trekking beginners. All kinds of alpine plants bloom along the waking path, and there is a grand panoramic view at the peak.

Zao Natural Botanical Garden
TEL:023-694-9518(Zao Ropeway)

When you pass through the boardwalk among pine trees growing gregariously, a marshland dotted with large and small marshes appears.

Change to Utopia Lift at Juhyo Kogen Station, and Kanshodaira is at the terminal station of Utopia Lift. More than 300 years-old pine trees gregariously grow around the boardwalk, and when you walk through it, you will find a marshland dotted with large and small marshes. Since boardwalks are prepared, you can easily walk among marshes.

Iroha Marsh
TEL:023-694-9518 (Zao Ropeway)

Wild and delicious BBQ in Mother Nature.

A lodge with a triangular roof in the central ski slope. The specialty of this lodge in summer is BBQ at the entrance terrace named Café in the mountains. There are 4 menus from A-plan to D-plan. Spareribs, tandoori chickens, lobsters, etc. are cooked on an American-size grill. Delicious foods heal the fatigue after trekking.

Forest inn. SANGORO
The Central ski slope of Yamagata City Zao onsen ski resort
12 rooms, from 13,000 yen/ night, 2 persons/