The taste that warms
your body and soul in winter in Yamagata.

There are still some local foods from Yamagata that are surprisingly unknown to the outside world! Enjoy a delicious dish that celebrates the region’s famed love of noodles and a luxurious parfait that makes use of the abundant seasonal fruit that can only be eaten in one of the leading fruit-production areas of Japan. Let’s enjoy the seasonal tastes of Yamagata that you can eat only in winter!

Lightly cook the excellent, perfectly marbled Yamagata beef

in boiling water, and enjoy!

Shabu-shabu of thinly sliced sirloin of Yamagata beef (4,800 yen per order suitable for one person, the amount in the photo is 2 orders)

This restaurant is run by a long-established butcher’s shop, ensuring that the beautifully marbled meat is always exquisite. Just quickly cook the meat in boiling water until it just barely loses its red color, and eat it with fresh ponzu sauce or robust sesame sauce. The price varies depending on the cut of meat. There is shabu-shabu of Yonezawa beef available, too.

3-4-16, Nanukamachi, Yamagata
TEL: 023-631-2106 (Reservation is desirable.)
Open: 11:30 - 13:00
Closed on Tuesday

A combination of mochi rice cakes and natto, fermented soybeans,

is a classic home-cooked food much loved in Yamagata.

Natto mochi (5 pieces, 480 yen) is made of freshly pounded mochi and domestically produced natto. As the owner Teruhiko Hoshino says, it is served to provide a prime example of traditional home cooking loved since long ago in Yamagata. Smooth mochi made from locally-grown Yamagata rice matches very well with the large soy beans used in the natto. The relish of grated radish cleans your palate. Although it is a simple dish, you can feel the excellent marriage of the two tastes the moment you eat.

Yamagatamocidokoro Mochinohoshinoya
1-3-8, Hatagomachi, Yamagata
TEL: 023-622-2563
Open: 09:00 - 17:30 (L.O.)
Closed on Sunday

Imoni, a stew of taro, meat, and other ingredients, is a “soul food” of Yamagata and representative of the local cuisine.

It is audaciously reimagined with curry and buckwheat noodles.

Imoni, a stew of taro, meat, and other ingredients, is a “soul food” of Yamagata and representative of the local cuisine. It is a custom to add udon noodles to the soup after eating the other ingredients. Here, it is arranged with curry and buckwheat noodles, and called imoni curry soba (900 yen). It is a limited-time menu item served while taro is produced in Yamagata (until February). The thick, country-style buckwheat noodles match the spicy soup well, and together they make a delicious stew. The thick-cut taro is yummy.

Nikusobatorichuka Zabun
3-9-2, Hinokicho, Yamagata
TEL: 023-600-4187
Open: 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00 (Sunday and national holidays: -21:00)
Closed on the third Monday and Tuesday of the month

A simple local snack of

simmered balls of konnyaku on skewers.

It is popularly known as “tamakon” by people in Yamagata. Tamakonnyaku (108 yen per skewer). The springy konnyaku is made with natural spring water sourced from 200m under the ground. It is boiled in a tasty soy sauce and served on skewers. It’s a casual street food, so it’s OK to eat while walking through the streets of Yamagata. It is eaten with mustard in Yamagata.

Tannokonnyaku Bansho
1233-2, Narage, Kaminoyama, Yamagata
TEL: 023-674-2351
Open: 08:30 - 17:00
Closed: Tuesday (Open on a national holiday)

Delicious parfaits topped with fresh fruit that

you can taste only in “the kingdom of fruit”

A café run by Takahashi Fruit Land in Kaminoyama. Kisetsuno parfait (seasonal parfait) (648 yen) topped with various types of fruit produced throughout the year is a local specialty that you should definitely try. La France pears and grapes will appear in late November, and strawberries and kiwis in early January. You can also eat their parfait at a new shop in S-PAL Yamagata opened in November 2016.

1368-3, Shiozakimae, Amidachi-aza, Kaminoyama, Yamagata
TEL: 023-673-4706
Open: 9:00-17:00
Closed on Thursday

A sweet potato confection with a robust but sweet taste

is put between fluffy pancakes.

2-1-4, Hatagomachi, Yamagata
TEL: 023-622-2134
Open: 9:00 - 19:00 (Sunday and national holidays: - 18:00)
Closed on Monday