Wild and delicious BBQ in Mother Nature.

Forest inn. SANGORO

A lodge with a triangular roof in the central ski slope. The specialty of this lodge in summer is BBQ at the entrance terrace named Café in the mountains. There are 4 menus from A-plan to D-plan. Spareribs, tandoori chickens, lobsters, etc. are cooked on an American-size grill. Delicious foods heal the fatigue after trekking.

The picture is B-plan (2,400 yen per person) Foods cooked fast on a big grill space are finished keeping the juicy taste of each food material.

The living space of the hotel with a fireplace and wood interior has a warm atmosphere. You can relax after enjoying BBQ.

The Central ski slope of Yamagata City Zao onsen ski resort
12 rooms, from 13,000 yen/ night, 2 persons/